The Style Rules I Support

I’m not a fan of fashion rules (see no. 3) but sometimes they’re a good thing to have. These guidelines have helped me immensely and I hope they help you also:

1. Love what you wear
If you love what you wear it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re in style. You feel gorgeous whenever you
wear it and confidence comes naturally.

2. Be confident
Beauty is nice to look at, while confidence glows in a multidimensional sort of way. If you don’t have it now, don’t let it get you down. Confidence is one of those things you can fake until it’s true.

3. Break a couple of rules
Everyone is willing to scoff at stupid fashion rules (don’t wear white after labor day, don’t wear horizontal stripes). But women tend to religiously hold onto the ones that help them achieve our cultural standard of beauty. Something’s very admirable about a woman who is confident in whatever she wears and however it makes her look. Try it, it’s kind of fun.

4. Don’t be a slave to fashion
There’s nothing wrong with buying the latest “it” piece if it’s something that you truly love. The problem is when you’re buying stuff you half like because it’s in trend or stop wearing something because it just went out of style.

5. Respect yourself and others
Never cheapen yourself or disregard others for the sake of style. Dress like your worth something.

6. Be unique
It might be a couple of bizarre pieces that only you would consider wearing. You might stock up on ethnic clothes from your travels or the right thrift store. Maybe it’s your entire style that no one can name. Whatever it is, it’s yours.

7. Don’t quit just ‘cause it’s hard
If your buying stuff that’s truly your style don’t expect it to be easy. Eventually your going to want something that’s hard to come by. It might have gone out of fashion a while back, be a bit to exotic, or be something you thought of yourself. Whatever it is you need it, but it’s so difficult to obtain.  Don’t give up. Once you get it, it’s only going to mean more to you.

8. Admire other’s taste
Nothing makes you look more like a snob then wrinkling your nose at someone else’s outfit. Try to see what they see in it and appreciate the diversity of clothing styles.

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